Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Pre/Post Workout Balance

How can I maximize my workouts?

What should I eat before I workout?

What should I eat after I workout?

These are questions I have been wondering about for some time. I sought out (some may say stalked) Carey for some answers.  The following is taken from my conversation with her. Good stuff!


This depends on when you workout. If you workout in the morning, you don't have time to get a lot of food in you before you roll out to your 6am class. Carey recommends something light that will stay down during your workout. (I like to have a few bites of banana with some peanut butter, but everyone is different.) Taking a supplement combo like Spark with some Catalyst provides your muscles with some food (Catalyst) along with some energy and mental focus (Spark).  She calls this a "George Jetson" meal- it's pretty close to rocket fuel!

If you are working out in the evening, eat 2 to 3 hours beforehand- 1 or 2 blocks of protein (7 or 14g) and fat (1.5 to 3g).


The most important thing here is to eat no more than 30 minutes post-workout. Eat more carbs here- at least one more than your usual serving for a meal. (so if you usually eat 2 blocks of carbs, eat 3 or 4) Eat this with little to no protein or fat. 

The science behind this is that by eating the carbs, your body recovers more quickly. If this delicate digestion balance is upset with adding fat and protein, your workouts could suffer in the following days! Eat some sweet potatoes, fruit, or other easily digested vegetables. 

Carey drinks a post-workout recovery shake since it is easy to mix and always on hand for that important 30 minute window. Then in the next hour she will eat her protein and fat. 

Voila! Everything you've ever wanted to know. I, for one, will definitely be trying this out. Let me know if you are doing it and how it is working for you.

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