Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bettys on Boards Women's Challenge

In just a few short weeks, Crossfit Central will be hosting the Bettys on Boards Women's Only Challenge! This year the teams will consist of 2 ladies and we will get to do some Stand Up Paddling (SUP). It is sure to be a great time, so sign up soon before it sells out!

New Women's Only Outdoor Challenge featuring Austin Paddle Sports Saturday, April 9th @ CrossFit Central at RunTex & Lady Bird Lake

100 women will take on a CrossFIt WOD and Stand-Up Paddling. Athletes will compete in teams of two. We will have three heats 8am, 9am and 10am. All participants will complete tasks on land and on water. Special bonus points available for additional tricks on the paddle boards. Cost $120 per team Register

Skills Session w/ SUP ATX Saturday, April 2nd 8am, 9am, 10am $15 per person (discounted rate for Challenge participants only) Register
Packet Pick-Up Friday, April 8th 6:00pm - 7:00pm @ CrossFit Central at RunTex
Late Packet Pick-Up & Check-In Saturday, April 9th 7:00am - 7:45am @ CrossFit Central at RunTex Please email questions to

Friday, March 11, 2011

An Inspiring Testimonial!

Sun, Coach Jen, Wanda

The letter I'm about to share with you is a true testament to what kind of impact Crossfit can have on a person's life. More and more lately we have been seeing transformations from people from all walks of life, in all stages and phases of life. (Check some out here and here)

Not only that, but this letter also shows the true care and commitment that your Coaches have towards you and helping you achieve your goals. Not only do we have the best Clients in the world, we also have the best Coaches too!!

Hi Jessica and Jen,

I just want to share an article with you about "5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Heavier Weights".  Out of the five reasons, one of the most important one for me to lift weights was reason #2.  I'm 52 and I was diagnosed with osteopenia.  I have a lot of work to do to stay healthy.  When you are over 50 you do have to work much harder than a body that is twenty years younger.  My health is important to me, because it's an investment in my life!  

Here is about something happened this week that I would also like to share it with you.  On Monday Women's CrossFit class this week, a lot of people in the class was gathering around me and telling me how much muscles I have gained and my arms was looking great.  I didn't know what to say, but I was excited to tell them about the new "Lean Lifting" class that I have been attending for a month. The class has given me a lot of confidence when it comes to lifting the weights.  I understand each step in details and have more time in the class to practice the movements.  So, when I'm in my Women's CrossFit class, I don't feel scare of lifting the weights on my own.  The two classes had worked really well together! However, I was puzzled when Meredith said the Lean Lifting class wouldn't be for her because she doesn't want huge muscles and have bulky arms like a man.  I think she said that because of the old weighty myth if women weight-train too much they will bulk up.  I wish more women would learn to embrace in working more with weights and will learn to understand that weight lifting has a lot of benefits for their body and it will not make their arms bulky like a man!  I wouldn't do it if that was the case. Definitely I can achieve the look if I'm strictly pumping irons 24/7, drinking high protein drinks, and take steroids!  Can we put  something on the CrossFit website and end the mighty weighty myth that still on a lot of women's minds.

Today was a good day!  With just one month of "Lean Lifting" class, it has made a big difference with my confidence. My confidence came through today with my power clean in class.  I did my power clean with confidence and even got my elbows pointing out instead to the ground. It was a great feeling!  Thank you to you both for making my day so GREAT!


Have a fabulous weekend! Go lift something heavy!! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4 Things Women Should be Doing

I found this article on Yahoo this morning. Finally the mainstream press is catching on! Yay Crossfit!!

If your workouts consist of doing light weights and steady-state cardio, you might be in for some bad news: These things alone won’t likely get you the results you’re after, say experts. To increase your fitness level, burn fat, and improve muscle tone, you’ve got to step up your game.
Here are four things women tend to skip that can deliver serious results.
1. High-intensity training.
All that time coasting on the elliptical at a comfortable pace probably hasn’t done much for your body, says Panama-based trainer Belinda Benn, creator of the Breakthrough Physique home fitness system. In fact, the biggest mistake women make in their training is not exercising with enough intensity, she says.
High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is typically a 10- to 20-minute workout that alternates short, intense bursts of activity with moderate-exertion recovery periods. “High-intensity interval training  is the best way to improve your overall fitness, burn fat, and stimulate your hormones for a stronger body,” says Benn.
How to tell if you’re training hard enough? Look to your body for clues, Benn says. Good indicators are sweating, increased heart rate, and lactic acid production (i.e., feeling the “burn”) during exercise. Moderate muscle soreness for up to a few days post-workout is also a good sign. “If you feel nothing,” Benn says, “you probably didn’t work out hard enough.”
2. Heavier lifting.
For most women, a typical weight-training session equals light dumbbell exercises, says Toronto-based strength and conditioning specialist Craig Ballantyne, creator of the Turbulence Training Program. But doing fewer reps with more weight—say, 8 reps per set with a 15-pound dumbbell, instead of 15 reps with an 8-pound one—will burn more fat, he says. Lifting heavier will also increase your strength and muscle definition.
Start by swapping out your normal weights for slightly heavier ones, and gradually work your way up.
3. Upper body workouts.
Women tend to store body fat around the waist, hips, and thighs, so that’s where they typically focus their exercise efforts—neglecting their upper bodies, Benn says.
But you can’t spot-reduce fat, and sticking with what’s easy can stunt your progress, says Benn. Because you may feel weak while attempting pull-ups for the first time, Benn suggests doing the hard stuff at the start of your workout, “when you’re freshest and feeling mentally strong.”
“Focusing on underdeveloped muscles will improve the contours of your body,” Benn says.
4. Training with a barbell.
Think barbells are synonymous with back-breaking chest presses? Not so. “You can do a tremendous workout just with a barbell,” Benn says. “If you’re holding a bar rather than using two separate weights, it forces you to get your body  in sync.”
Barbells are great for both upper- and lower-body exercises. Balancing one across your shoulders while doing squats, lunges, or walking lunges helps develop posture and balance, Benn says.
If you’re flirting with a barbell for the first time, go as light as you need to. Even 10 pounds is a good start.
Bonus tip:
If you’re worried you’ll bulk up with any of these exercises, consider your body type. Benn says women generally fall into two categories: those who build muscle easily, and those who don’t. If you build muscle easily, she suggests emphasizing high-intensity exercises. If you develop muscle slowly, you’ll benefit from spending more time on heavy lifting.