Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Master Mind Moms Meetup!

We invite all the moms in our community to come to the Master Mind Moms meet up! We want to pull all you brilliant women together and collaborate, discuss, create and solve your needs! Crossfit Central has such a powerful community of women! What are your needs? Have you had great ideas for our community and did not know who to share them with or what to do about them? Now is your opportunity to bring them to the table. Sometimes they are incomplete ideas that need the brilliance of another women's mind, bring it on! This session is open to all Moms at CrossFit Central, Crossfit ATX, CrossFit Trigger Point, and RedBlack Gym.
Feel free to bring your kids! We are looking forward to meeting other brilliant Moms in the community!

What: A Master Mind Meet up for Moms!
When: March 3, 2012
Time: 11am - 12pm
Where: CrossFit Central
Who: You and your kids! That's right bring em! all, one, two , three...young, old, new born, new age...

Why: CrossFit Central Women have needs. How can we come together and fulfil those needs? By bringing brilliant minds together to get Sh*# done!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Freaky Friday

Once again it's Friday! What does that mean to all you women out there? Do you have big plans for the weekend? Are you ready to chill out and take a break or are you roaring to go? Are you a Mom that has a few birthday party's to go to with the kids, a wedding to get dressed for and celebrate, a soccer game you husband plays in, maybe some yard work, a few projects around the house!!! Are you going on a date tonight with a dude your girlfriend set you up with or maybe a party to celebrate a good friend moving away to grad school?
The deal is it is Friday! What ever you have going enjoy each moment! Sometimes weekends fly by and maybe it's true, but if you start with a little freak in your Fridays, you can kick it off on the right foot!! Maybe some of these pics will get you excited!
Enjoy this Freaky Friday!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Compete in the 2012 CrossFit Open

Choose2Be campaign! Choosing to be an athlete and taking that on is perfect timing for you to challenge yourself in signing up for the 2012 Crossfit Reebok Open! Find out the details here.

All CrossFit athletes in our community will have the opportunity to sign up and compete with other athletes all over the world! Each box will host the workouts for all athletes to participate and challenge yourself to competition!

What are the benefits of signing up for the open?
  1. An opportunity to compete every week for five weeks.
  2. Understanding what it takes to Prepare the body for competition. For those of you who have thought about doing a competition but may not think you are ready, this is perfect for you to get the practice in, the mental as well as the physical, and take on the challenge of competition. What a great way to reach inside yourself and determine what it is that makes the athlete in you rise to the occasion!
  3. See how you stack up in the world. Okay, maybe you are not going to the games but how cool is it to say that you were a competitor and had the opportunity to try!
  4. Practice game day nutrition! As well as the course of the 5 weeks! Built in challenge!
  5. Opportunity to practice your weaknesses! What if they come up, and they always do, great time to work on them over the 5 weeks!
  6. Have fun! Just to go out, support the competitors who are gunning for the Games and show your support! The extra energy is only positive for the other athletes that will represent CrossFit Central, CrossFit RedBlack, CrossFit ATX, and CrossFit Trigger point, which could be one of you, 3 boys, 3 girls, at the Reebok CrossFit Games!!!

Do it! Sign up! Choose2Be

Monday, February 13, 2012

Helen Challenge

This past Saturday 26 Women came out to compete against themselves and learn a new technique, the game of mental strength & practice. These ladies all received a workbook with exercises that they will work in over the course of the next 4 weeks. Working on such things as visualization, changing false beliefs, writing out the workout as it will occur the next time they do it, and simply setting goals and creating a game plan.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Got Back

A beautiful back. Today may not be spring like but we know that spring is just around the corner. Under all these winter layers be sure that it is clothes that will reveal those beautiful muscles you have been working on. What can you do to reveal that back and be pumped about the back less dress, sundress, or swimsuit. Lots to do.

The best advice - do it all and be consistent. By do it all, that means you have to be on the eating regime as well as the workout regime and be consistent over time = rock star back.

Check out CrossFit Central's Nutrition Lecture:
When: Tuesday February 14th
Time: 12pm or 7pm

For a course in food, accountability, and a great program to get you off the crap, check out Crystal Nelsons Fuel21

The key is to choose to do it and to be consistent! For the workout, show up to class 3 days a week and add two additional workouts a week, minimum! If you are on a 2 day a week program and you are looking to get results fast... you are lying to yourself if you think that is all you need to do for workout. Even if they are short workouts that can be done in 30 min...move that body! Commit and GO! Let us know how we can help! Join out program if you haven't already or come back if you have been on a break! We have lots to offer!!! Cheers to backs!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Change your Physiology

Life comes at you fast. You have two options, you get to choose to be or you get to choose to not be. That is it. Your choice.

One thing that gets many of us is the running list in our heads that we must get done yesterday. We let that list just keep running through our heads. We can only manage 7 things up there and most of you try to manage 14! Therefore, a few get forgotten, and usually a couple are on the top priority list!

Many of us know the famous Tony Robbins. He delivers a powerful message about changing your state. What does that mean? One way is changing the physiology of the body in a moment of panic, stress, indecision, joy, happiness, and pure energy to meet the needs or outcome that you want to occur for you.

In this video he speaks about how powerful it can be for you to be aware of how you are being and more aware to understand how you can take control over your mind by changing your physiology.

Each of us has had a moment where we get to choose how we will respond to a situation. Today, when you are in a moment of choice check in with your state and you choose how you will respond, who you will be, and all ending in the result you want.

Change your state!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Master Mind Meet up for Moms!

Are you a Mom with a need! All Moms have a need. You may feel like you are out there alone sometimes but the truth is we all can relate in some way!

What: A Master Mind Meet up for Moms!
When: March 3, 2012
Time: 11am - 12pmc
Where: CrossFit Central
Who: You and your kids! That's right bring em! all, one, two , three...young, old, new born, new age...

Why: CrossFit Central Women have needs. How can we come together and fulfil those needs? By bringing brilliant minds together to get Sh*# going!

Friday, February 3, 2012

They Chose!

Cheray Ahswill, Mellisa Feliz, Lisa Munoz, Linda Salcedo
Maggie Gallant

Samantha Mitchell

Chris Gaussiran, Emily Baker, Cassie Masson & friends and Erika Jeanne

All Women of CrossFit Central that have chosen to be an athlete! These women inspire so many people to make moves. The beauty of these women runs so much deeper then the athlete. They have passion. They have a drive that was found when they learned they could physically push their bodies to do things they thought was impossible and doors opened.

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." - Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


LADIES! This year we have been talking a TON about becoming your most vibrant self. Now - it's time you realize how powerful you are and live up to your own expectations.

Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman once said, “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” Bill is a visionary man, but we have a different definition. We believe YOU make the choice to be an athlete. You make the choice to show up. To show up and run, jump, lift and move. You make the choice to improve your overall health and quality of your life. And most likely, you inspire your friends and family to improve their overall health.

Athlete: [ath-leet]  noun
{Someone who is trained or skilled in exercises or sports requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina} ie: CROSSFIT

CrossFit is the Sport of Fitness and you, as a part of CrossFit Central, CrossFit Central ATX, CrossFit Trigger Point & Relentless Athletic Training are involved in the Sport of Fitness!

If you’re reading this, and thinking, “No way, I’m not an athlete!” Do you take on CrossFit or Relentless Athletic Training classes? If so, you are an athlete. If you’re reading this and thinking “I just want to fit in my jeans or keep up with my grandkids, I have no desire to take on competitions.” That’s ok too!  But consider that every time you choose a healthy meal or challenge yourself by stepping into the gym....you too are choosing to be an athlete.

This year, Live Up to Your Own Expectations.


The choice is yours!  In 2012, Choose To Be An Athlete.