Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Change your Physiology

Life comes at you fast. You have two options, you get to choose to be or you get to choose to not be. That is it. Your choice.

One thing that gets many of us is the running list in our heads that we must get done yesterday. We let that list just keep running through our heads. We can only manage 7 things up there and most of you try to manage 14! Therefore, a few get forgotten, and usually a couple are on the top priority list!

Many of us know the famous Tony Robbins. He delivers a powerful message about changing your state. What does that mean? One way is changing the physiology of the body in a moment of panic, stress, indecision, joy, happiness, and pure energy to meet the needs or outcome that you want to occur for you.

In this video he speaks about how powerful it can be for you to be aware of how you are being and more aware to understand how you can take control over your mind by changing your physiology.

Each of us has had a moment where we get to choose how we will respond to a situation. Today, when you are in a moment of choice check in with your state and you choose how you will respond, who you will be, and all ending in the result you want.

Change your state!

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