Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Master Mind Moms Meetup!

We invite all the moms in our community to come to the Master Mind Moms meet up! We want to pull all you brilliant women together and collaborate, discuss, create and solve your needs! Crossfit Central has such a powerful community of women! What are your needs? Have you had great ideas for our community and did not know who to share them with or what to do about them? Now is your opportunity to bring them to the table. Sometimes they are incomplete ideas that need the brilliance of another women's mind, bring it on! This session is open to all Moms at CrossFit Central, Crossfit ATX, CrossFit Trigger Point, and RedBlack Gym.
Feel free to bring your kids! We are looking forward to meeting other brilliant Moms in the community!

What: A Master Mind Meet up for Moms!
When: March 3, 2012
Time: 11am - 12pm
Where: CrossFit Central
Who: You and your kids! That's right bring em! all, one, two , three...young, old, new born, new age...

Why: CrossFit Central Women have needs. How can we come together and fulfil those needs? By bringing brilliant minds together to get Sh*# done!

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