Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Got Back

A beautiful back. Today may not be spring like but we know that spring is just around the corner. Under all these winter layers be sure that it is clothes that will reveal those beautiful muscles you have been working on. What can you do to reveal that back and be pumped about the back less dress, sundress, or swimsuit. Lots to do.

The best advice - do it all and be consistent. By do it all, that means you have to be on the eating regime as well as the workout regime and be consistent over time = rock star back.

Check out CrossFit Central's Nutrition Lecture:
When: Tuesday February 14th
Time: 12pm or 7pm

For a course in food, accountability, and a great program to get you off the crap, check out Crystal Nelsons Fuel21

The key is to choose to do it and to be consistent! For the workout, show up to class 3 days a week and add two additional workouts a week, minimum! If you are on a 2 day a week program and you are looking to get results fast... you are lying to yourself if you think that is all you need to do for workout. Even if they are short workouts that can be done in 30 min...move that body! Commit and GO! Let us know how we can help! Join out program if you haven't already or come back if you have been on a break! We have lots to offer!!! Cheers to backs!

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