Friday, March 30, 2012

Freaky Friday

Spring time FUN! Have you been on a paddle board yet? Definitely a great time! Head out to Lady Bird Lake and jump on a SUP board for the afternoon! You are sure to have fun, get some sun, and relax on the lake! And of course for a little CrossFit competition, grab your girls friend and sign up for the Betty's on Boards! It is sure to give you excitement and exercise all in one!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Freaky Friday

All of you probably realize these pins come from pinterest. If not, go there and a check it out! Great place to get inspired, share your dreams, and collect your thoughts! Have a great weekend, come back refreshed and rejuvenated!
ps. Remember to sign up for Betty's on Boards - practice is set to go on April 1st and you won't want to miss out!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I know what Miss Lizzie Did last summer...

  • Last summer, Lizzie attended my summer camp along with my little sister Sydney from Wisconsin. They had been modern day pen pals via text messages and facebook. They arranged plans to visit me in Austin over the summer, under one condition... they had to attend one of my Kids camps at CrossFit Central.

    Granted this was a record breaking HOTT summer, over 100 consecutive days over 100 degrees the girls faced some pretty intense conditions.

    CrossFit brought these two girls together, and has impacted their lives more than they may be aware. After the camp, Lizzie embraced living a healthy lifestyle, making what may seem like minor changes. But in reality they will have major impacts on her for the REST of her LIFE!

    Being a teenager is one of the most crucial times in anyone's life. It can be the best time or the worst. Today, I feel like kids need more and more guidance on what's REALLY important in life. Positive Mental Attitude needs to be taught just like any other subject in school. It is so easy to get caught up in the opinions and negativity of others.

    Think when you've personally felt your best... your sweet spot. Might sound like this: your workouts are on, your diet is on point, there's balance in your life, a clarity, positive energy, calming sensation, doing things you love to do DAILY and/or unexplainable happiness. In order to even come close to finding your sweet spot you need balance. Emotional, physically, mentally, spiritually. One week of CrossFit Kids helped Lizzie get closer to her sweet spot.

    I asked her a few questions about her experience, and well if you know Lizze she has quite the sense of humor. So I also asked her mother, who has seen the positive impact it has had on her.

  • Lizzie

    • ok! im gonna answer honestly!

      Why did you enroll in the CrossFit Kids summer camp?
      I enrolled in crossfit kids camp because of sydney..we had never met before and that was the only option.

      What was your experience like?
      My experience was painful. I cant run and you made us do the 400 meter, I was so sore it hurt to pee.

      What did you learn?
      I learned that crossfit is more exercises. and that being fat is not healthy! and how to cook healthy meals for my family.

      What was your favorite part?
      My favorite part was going swimming and kayaking! I could be in the water all day! Ohhh and I love burpees..

      How has it affected your life now?
      Crossfit has affected my life because..I learned that exercising is good. I dont know I lost like 28 pounds from crossfit.I just did the exercises and ate lighter and I dont do hardcore exercises for your information!

      What changes have you made since then?
      I've made so many changes in your exercises! you tried to kill me!!! i do like way less then your supposed to do but i still contine to lose weight!

      Do you continue to incorporate CrossFit in your lifestyle. I incorporate crossfit in my 'lifestyle' I dont do burpees, running, or pull ups. but I do bike ride, swim, lift weights, walk, and jump rope!

      What are some of the changes you've seen psychically? Emotionally? and Mentally?
      I've lost weight and I look better now then I used to! My emotions have remained the same from before the camp and so has my mental issues...

      Becca Miller Kalmes: Lizzie's Mom

      • Did you have any part of enrolling her in the CrossFit Kids summer camp?Yes, I encouraged her and her brother offered to pay for it so she would go.

        How do you feel it's impacted Lizzie? I think that she learned how important it is to stay active, work your muscles and eat a healthy diet. Even tho I had tried to talk to her about diet and exercise, coming from an outside source, it seemed to really click for her. (it is so easy to blow off what your parents tell you!)

        What changes have you seen in her psychically? emotionally? mentally?Physically she has dropped over 25 lbs. Emotionally she feels much more proud about how she looks and feels. Mentally, she is at an age where peers are brutal with criticism and she feels so much better about her self image.

        Have you seen any changes in her lifestyle since she's attended the camp? She has taken charge of taking care of herself. She is motivated to exercise and eat healthier. She makes careful choices about snacking and has drastially limited her TV watching.

        What do you feel her was your experience like? I think it was challenging but empowering as well.

        Do you feel it has benefitted your daughter in anyway? I think it benefitted her in alot of ways. Self image, learning to make good choices,and learning to stay more active.

        Do you continue to incorporate CrossFit in your lifestyle. Do I??? Not really! Don't tell Andy! lol But Liz is trying to keep at it.

        Posted by: Coach Gilly

Friday, March 16, 2012

Freaky Friday

Make it a good one Ladies.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Champion Mindset Competition Series Finale

Great work to the ladies that completed the Helen Challenge. Competition is just the carrot you sometimes need to get into your mental game! The ladies worked on Visualization, Changing false beliefs, practicing proper technique after watching video of themselves do the movement, setting goals and creating a game plan. We are learning that it takes a combination of all these to make for a well improved time!

17 women showed back up to complete the Helen workout and 13 showed an improved time of 2 to 120 sec of time off their last performance! Great work ladies! We had 12 minutes to complete the WOD! Those that know Helen is no joke of a workout!

Ladies great work and next up Grace!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Freaky Friday

This weekend may be the perfect one for shopping for those adorable spring shoes! We spring forward, we may as well spring for a new pair of heels!
Share your fav spot to pick up shoes!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Betty's On Boards

Bettys On Boards
Saturday, April 14th
@ Town Lake
30 Teams of 2
$120 per team
More Info

Open to all female members of CrossFit Central, Relentless Training Systems, CrossFit Central ATX and CrossFit Trigger Point

Registration opens today, March 7th at NOON

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Master Mind Moms Meet up!

Thanks to all the Moms that came out to the Master mind Moms meet up! We even had a few kids come meet and greet for the "next generation FIT"! Lots of topics were discussed.
  • How can Moms support one another with child care.
  • Calendar for the month or three months so that you can plan accordingly
  • Lean lifting
  • Come Back from Pregnancy with a punch card. New Born's can be so unpredictable
  • Scaling the WOD when you are pregnant
  • Snacks for the kids - lunch box ideas - presenting food for success with kids
  • Are you a mom with kids out this summer? Do you have a plan to keep crossfitting? Need to team up with other moms in your situation?
  • Kids clothing swap!! spring cleaning!

All of these topics plus many more were brought to the table.

We are a community that will continue to grow as well as our generations it is important to us that we know your needs. This will better equip us to grow together!

We are planning our next meeting for women that are pregnant! Date coming soon!

Kids clothing swap! Seasons change, kids grow, it's nice to trade out for something that fits! Start going through those clothes and get ready to swap them out for something new! Date coming soon!

Please continue to email us and let us know your needs!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Womens Spring Challenge

Ladies--mark your calendars! The 2nd Annual Bettys On Boards is almost here. Bring out your inner surfer with this Women's Only Outdoor Challenge where CrossFit meets Stand-Up Paddling. Athletes will compete in teams of two in various activities on land and on water. Choose your teammate now and be ready to show Austin that CrossFit Women rule on and off the water.

Bettys On Boards
Saturday, April 14th
Teams of 2
More Details Coming Soon!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Freaky Friday, March!

Ladies the fact that we have a gift to see awesomeness and want to share it is just beyond the scope of a mans right mind. Left to our brilliance we can get it done and still have some time to get freaky! This Friday get some lace on you somewhere and have some fun! Most of you are going to be sore from the 12.2 snatch WOD. Putting on some black lace will help you forget about those strong sexy traps that are going to be hurting when you laugh!

Ladies once again, enjoy your weekend. Let the Freak come out just a little!

Oh, and kill the WOD!