Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Master Mind Moms Meet up!

Thanks to all the Moms that came out to the Master mind Moms meet up! We even had a few kids come meet and greet for the "next generation FIT"! Lots of topics were discussed.
  • How can Moms support one another with child care.
  • Calendar for the month or three months so that you can plan accordingly
  • Lean lifting
  • Come Back from Pregnancy with a punch card. New Born's can be so unpredictable
  • Scaling the WOD when you are pregnant
  • Snacks for the kids - lunch box ideas - presenting food for success with kids
  • Are you a mom with kids out this summer? Do you have a plan to keep crossfitting? Need to team up with other moms in your situation?
  • Kids clothing swap!! spring cleaning!

All of these topics plus many more were brought to the table.

We are a community that will continue to grow as well as our generations it is important to us that we know your needs. This will better equip us to grow together!

We are planning our next meeting for women that are pregnant! Date coming soon!

Kids clothing swap! Seasons change, kids grow, it's nice to trade out for something that fits! Start going through those clothes and get ready to swap them out for something new! Date coming soon!

Please continue to email us and let us know your needs!

1 comment:

  1. Cant wait for the next meeting... also besides kids clothing swap maybe possible maternity tops bottoms if anyone needs to get some off there hands or fashion tips on a budget :) right now im too small for maternity and i can no longer button my pants or zip bought a few lil bands to help with this inbetween phase dont yet want to dive into that major purchase of new cloths :) i guess my lil skinny jeans will be put on hold ;)