Saturday, July 11, 2009

CrossFit Games 2009

Have you been glued to Twitter all weekend like me? I can't even imagine what it was like out there. I can't even imagine how tired they are!! 

Congrats to all our heroes from CrossFit Central. We are so proud of all of you! Here are the final numbers:
Carey Kepler: 3rd place
Crystal McReynolds: 9th place
Jeremy Thiel: 16th place

CFCentral Affiliate Team: 2nd place

We truly have some of the most amazing world-class athletes right here in Austin. Way to go!


  1. DUDE, so fantastic. Congratulations to everyone!

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    I am very interested in your perspective on this. Do your top athletes use it? You really do have some amazing athletes that showed their skills this past weekend.

    Thanks for any information on this.