Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Consistent Effort

"If you make more progress than you thought you would, don't compensate by slowing down. You're doing great, so raise your expectations even higher and keep going strong.

If you fail to make as much progress as you had planned, don't get discouraged. Remind yourself of why you're making the effort, and re-commit to getting it done.

Consistent, purposeful effort will reliably bring the results you seek. On some days you'll move faster than on other days, yet every day you'll keep going forward.

Never forget that there is great power in small actions that are repeated again and again. Though the path may be long and winding and uneven, by continuing to put one foot in front of the other, you'll reach your destination.

Celebrate the small victories and learn from the small defeats. Then, keep on moving steadily toward the goal you've chosen.

Put the power of consistent effort to work. And each day, you'll bring new value to life."

-- Ralph Marston

From: www.GreatDay.com

Don't miss the Supplement Meeting today at 12:15pm and again at 7pm at Crossfit Central.

Start thinking about your goals for the upcoming months. Thursday evening will be CFWomen Goal Setting at 7pm.

Have a fabulous day!!!


  1. This is an awesome quote! I especially like the first part about progress. I get so excited about accomplishing my goals at CFC that I need to remember to set new ones!

  2. I know! I love this site. I go there every day for inspiration :) See you at the goal setting?

  3. Thanks for the reminder about consistency, Kat. I get so focused on trying to lean out, and get so discouraged from that not happening, that I forget to see other goals that are being reached...like a Fran PR. Some goals just get reached before others but with consistency, all can be reached.

  4. Definitely!

    There's a new blog out on the town:

    But I can't figure out if blogspot supports wordpress. I need to set up the "follow" feature!

  5. Georgia,
    I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes we don't realize (or give ourselves credit) for all of the things we HAVE accomplished. In addition to setting goals, I like to jot down accomplishments as well. pat yourself on the back!!