Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet Crystal McReynolds

I thought it would be fun to get to know some of our female coaches here at Crossfit Central. Over the next few weeks I will be spotlighting the amazing women who train/nurture/yell at/laugh with us. Now, on to.......

Crystal McReynolds

How were you introduced to Crossfit?

I was looking for a training job that was different than the rest of the globo gyms out there. A friend of mine worked for Central and introduced me to Jeremy. The rest is history!

Favorite WOD/lift:

Grace Clean & Jerk, Overhead squat

Favorite Zone/Paleo Meal:

Orange Roughy, Baked butternut squash with butter and honey, sauteed veggies, avacado

Favorite cheat meal: Double chili cheese dog w/no bun and ice cream

I have always wanted to be able to pick up and go on vacation wherever I want at any time

1 word people use to describe me: energetic

Outside of the gym I like to have dinner with friends, travel

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Umi Sushi off I-35 and Slaughter....yyyyuuuummmmm!

Song that gets me pumped up for a workout: Ciara- Oh

Proudest accomplishment: Taking 9th place at the Crossfit Games

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Living at the Lake or on the Beach, continuing to be a Crossfit Trainer, and traveling the world!

You can find Crystal all around town coaching Women's Only indoor classes at our Burnet location, Bootcamps, and is available for Personal Training. Don't let that big smile fool you, Crystal will get you working hard and seeing results- fast! Crystal is not only a world-class athlete, but a supermodel as well!! Check her out on the Forged site. To find out more about Crystal, visit her blog.

Be sure to check out this link to an interview with Crystal at the 2009 Crossfit Games!

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  1. Crystal is a fantastic coach. So fun and her!!