Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Showing up is Sometimes Half the Battle

We All Have Bad Days

Written by Ali Incredible 

I was chatting in the locker room after the WOD and the woman I was talking to was dissappointed in her performance. Relatively new to CrossFit, she persisted that she had performed terribly. What I would like to say is this: you showed up. After two years of CrossFit I have had peaks and valleys, been discouraged and elated, but when it comes down to it, crappy performance or PR, I showed up. Usually, I am the last to finish a workout, but sure as shit, when I get in my car after, there is always a little smile. Best or worst, congratulate yourself on coming. You’re among a small group of people that show up knowing you will get your ass kicked. If you’re new, please know that people who have been doing this for years, studs in the gym, do not PR everyday, they don’t set record times every day they come. It’s about effort, and half the battle is showing up. Next time you feel bad about your performance, tell yourself you’ll do better next time, look around you at the amazing folks that show up to sweat next to you, and smile. 

I came across this today on an affiliate site.  I wanted to share it because there are a lot of new CrossFitters out there who probably can relate to her post.  I remember how hard it was to get up at 5am that first cold day in January.  As luck would have it, we did Angie: 

100 situps, 

100 pullups 

100 pushups

 100 squats 

It was my very first Crossfit workout- EVER!!!  I thought I was going to die and had no idea why I signed myself up for such torture.  Like the posting above, I always felt like I was last. I felt weak and I looked around at everyone else making it look so easy.

But I kept showing up. 

It really is half the battle.  So don't give up.....Keep showing up....And celebrate all the PRs you hit- even if they seem small.


  1. Great post and SO true! I felt this way just yesterday, and it's nice to know I'm not alone. :)

  2. Thank you for this post! I've felt this way (as recently as last night doing the Spartan 300)many times. Clearly, we all hit those walls, the true test is if you can push through them. I see women (and men) push through them everyday at CrossFit Central. Keep it up!!