Monday, May 18, 2009

Calling all Bloggers

"I think we should have them do 50 burpees in between each event. What do you think, Carey?" " I don't know, Crystal. I'm partial to thrusters..."

What do these girls talk about looking so serious?!

I'm trying to compile a list of blogs and as you can see, I have just a few.  I know there are more out there, so if you have a blog or follow one that you think would be a good addition, please post it to comments or email me at  .

Don't forget about 2 events this week:

Goal setting on Thursday at 7
BBQ and something called Hoover Ball on Friday night
See you there!


  1. hi!! I just recently created a blog. I'm still new to this whole blogging thing, but here is the link =) THANKS!!!

  2. Ooh! Pick me! I don't blog as often as Mel and I'm not any kind of a writer, but I've started blogging about my Crossfit experiences. Especially now with the 300 Challenge.

  3. Thanks Mindy and Amy!! I'm new to this blogging thing too. I think everyone has something to say and a story to tell. So keep it up :)

  4. YAY! Exciting!!!! u r super fast! WOW!

  5. I keep a blog called This is Life in Austin ... I don't often blog about CrossFit, but I LOVE it and anyone who reads my blog knows that much! :-)