Monday, January 25, 2010

You Bars

Coach Jessica recently posted about a site called YouBars where you can custom order your very own nutrition bars! You even get to name it- how cool is that?!

There are endless possibilities, and it looks like you can get a pretty Paleo-perfect bar as well. You can also custom order your own shake mix, cookies, trail mix, and cereal. Of course, I perused the cookie section- they have gluten -free, dairy -free options as well as lots of organic ingredients, cacao nibs, agave nectar, and more.

If you've tried this site, let me know and be sure to tell what kind of bar you concocted. Thanks, Jess!


  1. Please stay away from the Agave's more processed than HFCS!

  2. @Georgia: I know, I know.... I was more trying to make the point that you could concoct just about anything you wanted with whatever ingredient you wanted. Thanks for pointing that out though :)

  3. I have ordered these twice. The first batch I loved. I think it was dates and almond butter, extra whey protein, almonds, clover honey, coconut, goji berries, cinnamon, cacao nibs and cocoa. I used less of the honey, coconut and berries because the carb count was getting a little high.
    For the second batch, I tried using cashew butter and dates for the base and they were not good. Kind of greasy.
    They both shipped really quickly though. Both came in less than a week.

  4. Wow! Thanks for the great info, Mary Kate! Miss you in class by the way :)