Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Take Care of You

Congrats to Coach Jess who received the 2009 Coach of the Year Award!!

It's the first week of programs!

It's a New Year!

I have 4,589 goals to accomplish!

Gotta do it now!

Ok, the New Year can be a little exciting with all the goals and challenges, but I just wanted to quickly remind you to take good care of yourself- especially if you are just beginning to exercise or ramping it up or whatever.

Today I got a massage from Julia Magness, crossfitter and Trigger Point Queen. She brought tears to my eyes (in an oh so good way), but she also made me realize I haven't been taking care of my body properly.

Here are some supplemental things you can do to help your recovery and take care of your muscles:

Stretch (more than just at the end of class)

Roll Out (check out the Trigger Point site for lots of good info)


Rest (aim for 9 hours!)

Supplement (magnesium, Advocare Nightime Recovery are a few)

Yoga (gets out all the kinks and will elongate your new muscles so you don't look like a beefcake)

Oh, and if you want a killer massage, give Julia a call!

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