Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Am Crossfit: Getting Your Kitchen Ready

My son helped make these Almond Griddle cakes- they were really good...

Your success with I Am Crossfit or any kind of dietary change, for that matter, lies heavily in your kitchen. How you choose to fuel your body will decide whether all the physical work you are doing will pay off or not.

This may be an area that is more intimidating than any kind of workout. Especially if you don't cook much or don't like to cook much! Hopefully these tips will help you get prepared in the kitchen so that you can get off to the best start possible.

1. Invest in a few key items to make your life easier:

food processor..... It doesn't have to be a Cuisinart, but this will help you make things like almond flour, almond butter (if you do desire), chop and dice loads of veggies. Well worth it.

crockpot...... throw it in and cook it all day- soups, meatballs, pork loin, roast

a few good knives..... nothing is more annoying than dull, cheap knives (or men, btw)

a good quality skillet or two..... for sauteeing, browning, egging

storage containers...... you'll be making huge batches of stuff for leftovers, right?! plan, plan, plan

2. Get some sort of membership, whether to Costco, a CSA, or even a produce delivery service.

I plan to post the pros and cons of a CSA in the future, but I HIGHLY recommend the Costco membership.

A Costco membership will run you roughly $50 which you can even split with a friend- you can both get your own card I believe. Costco has tons of organic stuff, from produce to tomato sauce. Huge jars of almond butter for $5, 15 organic apples for $6, I love Costco (obviously) and feel much better shopping there since i know they treat their employees much better and more fairly than that other mega-chain from Arkansas. I'm just sayin'....

3. Visit a few of these sites for more ideas:

If you have a food site you like to visit regularly, please let me know. I'm trying to get a list together for the sidebar!

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