Friday, June 26, 2009

What's Your Story?

Recently there was a post on the CrossFit Central site asking people to submit their success stories. I think every single one of you out there should do it.  I think we all have a story- maybe you haven't lost a huge amount of weight or whatever, but I guarantee your life has changed in some way.

And I also guarantee that your story will speak to someone. I wrote a little about myself the other day and my struggle with post-baby weight. If just one new mom reads that and thinks, "If she can do it, maybe I can too" then I will be elated.

Here are the questions to answer:

1. Why did you join Crossfit Central?
2. When did you join CrossFit Central?
3. What was your life like prior to CFCentral (emotional, physical, & mental)
4. What results have you seen since joining the CFCentral community?
5. Has CrossFit Central helped you break through any mental barriers?
Additional Comments:

*Photography - There is no need for professional photography, just grab you camera and have someone take a full length photo of you! Photos should be large files.

So sit down, grab a pen, and really think and reflect on your journey. 

Don't forget about the UTB tomorrow at 8:30!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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