Monday, June 1, 2009

It's All in Your Head

This is one of my very best friends, Cindy.  Quite obviously, Cindy was very pregnant.  See, Cindy was due to have her baby in two days on June 3.  Lee, Cindy's husband was still wrapping things up in Tokyo and wasn't due to fly back to Canada until today, June 1.  Hmmm..... that's cutting it a wee bit close.

Last week when I talked to Cindy, she said her body was beginning to show signs of labor, but she was confident her body would wait until Lee got home.

Here's a little background on Cindy:
She is the most positive person I have ever met.  She used to come into my classroom every morning to say hello and always put me in a great mood.  I think she can do just about anything she sets her mind to- because she believes she can.

Well, Cindy had her baby already and the story goes something like this:

Cindy's water broke on the way to the airport.
Lee got off the plane.
Cindy's contractions began.
8 hours later they were holding their new baby boy.

The power of the mind is completely and utterly amazing.  One of the Laws of the Mind is the Law of Harmonious Attraction. It is simply 

Thinking about a desired result

Seeing yourself taking the steps to acheive the desired result


Here is an example of how I use this little gem. Every night as I'm laying in bed, I imagine myself doing kipping pullups. I feel my body swinging. I see my chin going over the bar. I imagine doing 10 of those bad boys all perfectly. All effortlessly.

(Disclaimer: I haven't mastered even one unassisted pullup yet. But I know it's only a matter of time!)

This may sound weird or hokey.  I swear it works. They've done studies on athletes who just visualized themselves lifting weights without actually lifting any real weight.  Guess what? They actually gained strength.

So how are you approaching your life?  Is there something you want? Are you visualizing yourself doing it? Being it?  When you look at the white board, do you think, "I can't do that" or "this is gonna suck"?  Next time you're up on that pullup bar, tell yourself you can do it- and go for it!

One more thing I want to mention is Self Talk.   

"What our minds can imagine, our bodies can produce, both positive AND negative. Take time to examine your self-talk, is it filled with negative words such as "try", "should" "can't"? If so, consider changes in your language patterns to develop a positive outlook, imagine the results and watch yourself take the steps to achieve them."

To read more about the Laws of the Mind, go here.

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