Monday, August 24, 2009

A little Inspiration

The clothing swap was a great success on Friday! Thanks to everyone who donated clothes and to everyone who helped out.

Friday evening's Goal Setting workshop was also inspiring. Catherine wrote a great post about it and put into words everything I was thinking about writing!

Ok, now that you've read her post, I challenge you this week to write 5 Sprouts every day.

Here is something I found from The Daily Motivator:

You can create results or you can make excuses. It's much more fun and fulfilling to create the results you have chosen to create.

The opportunities are always there. Your job is to seize them and work them into real, meaningful achievements.

Always, there are challenges. And always, there are ways to successfully move through those challenges.

Whatever you can envision, you can achieve. Sure, there are plenty of excuses for not doing so, and yet there are also plenty of ways to make it happen.

The purpose of your magnificent life is not to merely endure. There are wonderful, unique treasures that only you can create.

Fulfillment of your authentic purpose is worth every effort. Never settle for less from yourself than the absolute best you can be.

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