Friday, January 6, 2012

Having Babies and doing CrossFit!

Or is it doing CrossFit and having babies? Either way you look at it you can do both! I have had several CrossFit Central Athletes approach me in the last week and tell they are pregnant! Nice work ladies! So I wanted to post a little something on the WO blog!

For those of you that know a little bit about me know that I have two adorable children that were both put through 9 months of CrossFit while in the womb. And things could not have been better for me and them! I had both children at home with a midwife and an amazing husband!

The Training: Ladies if you are Crossfitting and you get pregnant you can keep doing CrossFit. There is no reason, other then Dr.'s orders, to stop Crossfitting. We are made to move and just because you get pregnant does not mean you need to stop your training regime. Now what I do advise is that you listen to your body! If you need to take a break, take a break, if you need to make an adjustment to the movement due to a discomfort, then scale, adjust, or change the movement. Also, it is not a time for PR's and to push to heavier loads. Why not? Because it is time for you to take care of you and make this baby come out with ease!!!

Food: Ladies, remember a healthy weight gain is 25 to 30 #'s. You need to eat 250 to 500 extra calories a day. That is like an apple, 2 slices turkey meat, and 10 almonds. One additional small meal a day! Remeber listen to your Dr. before me.... if you do not like what they have to say shop around. Or shoot me a question but I will always point you back to your Dr.!

Supplements: I do believe you should be taking in additional supplements. My midwife had me on a complete regime! I still do a portion of them today! Fish oils - take them at least 3500mg! More for you pregos! Ask your Dr what they recommend and then seek other sources of info as well.

Ladies the key is to keep moving. Having a baby is a blessing and a gift. You will carry this child and you will want to feel as best you can while doing it. And you are in control at least for what you or in control of.. you get my drift! Do not make it harder then it is... think about it, you have a raisin in you at first and if you think you can go off the deep end eating and not moving, before you know it you are 50#s gained, then 60 #'s gained, you have this big ball in front of you, you can barley squat to the toilet, you have no pants that fit, you move like a duck, your face starts to look puffy you continue that and then the day comes and here you go, you pop out the baby and in 20 min you are holding the sweet child and then 2 hrs later you are standing in the restroom gonna get a shower and looking in the mirror, no child in your belly anymore, and you are just you again, only now you are 70#s over weight. And you are left with you. I remember that moment. There I was just me again. And I was so happy I did not gain more then the normal 30#'s. I was not happy with what was left but it is what it is... just remember to balance your food and take care of you!! You and your baby will be much happier!

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