Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PRs & Hot Moms!

Congratulations to Olivia Sharratt who was voted one of Austin's Fittest Moms! Look for her in the November issue of Austin Fit- way to go Olivia!!

Last week was the monthly benchmark- Crossfit Totals. First of all, what exactly is CF Total?

According to this article from the CF Journal, Crossfit Total is the sum of the best of 3 attempts at the Squat, the shoulder Press, and Deadlift. Basically it is your 1 rep max.

So how do you know where you stand? Here is a chart that will help you understand where you compare to others with the same bodyweight and training level (beginner, int., and elite).

Last week, some of our ladies (really ALL of them!) set some killer PRs. Take a look...

Crystal McReynold's Classes:

Kelly A. 245# Deadlift
Sarah from 9:15am class PR'd by 30lbs on her Deadlift
Everyone in the 9:15am class PR'd!

Jessica Sharratt's Classes:

Adrienne Prem - Back Squat 175#s Press 85#s
Robin Ostrander - Deadlift 220#s
Katie Drilling - Deadlift 220#s
Olivia Sharratt - Deadlift 175#s
Emily Seiders - Deadlift 175#s
Kathie Sieders - Deadlift 165#s
Cindy Hammes - Back Squat 155#s
Natalie Douglas - Back Squat 145#s
Eyra Dzakuma - Back Squat 185#s
Therese Vasquez - Back Squat 185#s
Jessie White - Deadlift 165#s

There were many, many more PRs last week. These are just some of them. Congratulations to all of you strong beautiful women! Keep on keepin' on!

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