Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Ladies' Challenge!

Coach Jen Cardella has issued a new challenge to all the ladies:

Click on the link above to read more. Here are the details:

"Starting this Friday I am challenging all of the women's only ladies to get their pull up before December 17th. Pull ups are fun, empowering, and you look like a bad-ass doing them! So let's get serious, ditch the bands, and get the kipping and strict pull ups before Christmas!


A pull up bar must be installed at your house, and you must send a picture to your entire class for proof. ( Academy doorway pull up bar is $20) 

You must work on them every day!


The first 20 women to get a kipping pull up , or 5 strict in a row without coming off the bar, will receive a Lululemon water bottle and headband!!!

Do it for the LULU ladies!

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