Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Athlete of the Month!

We have so many amazing women in our community, and I want to start highlighting them as much as possible. Everyone has a story to tell. Some have lost tons of weight, some have gained tons of confidence.

This month, our October Athlete of the Month is Cindy Hammes!!
Cindy is in Coach Jessica Sharratt's class and this is what Jess had to say about why she nominated Cindy:
Cindy Before

Cindy Now!

"Cindy started in On-Ramp and moved to 5:15pm class with me at RunTex and when I switched schedules she moved to the 6:15am class and is rockin it. Her form has come a long way, she has leaned out a lot and really goes for it in workouts. She did the AdvoCare 24day challenge, the Paleo Challenge and has just signed-up for the Lean Turkey Challenge which shows me she is committed."

Cindy Hammes

6:15am Women's Only Class at Run-Tex

How did you find out about Crossfit/Crossfit Central?
I first heard about Crossfit last summer. I was at a pool party and ran into one of the Crossfit Central coaches - Megan Parsons. My friends and I asked her what she did to stay fit. It took me nine months to join but once I did I was hooked.

Favorite WOD/Lift:
Back squat or deadlift

Favorite Paleo Meal:
Spaghetti squash, veggies, tomato sauce and chicken

Favorite Cheat Meal:
Chips and salsa with margaritas

I have always wanted to...
Travel the world, there are so many amazing places that I want to experience

Outside the Gym I like to...
spend time with family and friends and be active. Some of my favorite activities include tennis, traveling, taking my dog on walks, and checking out new restaurants.

How has Crossfit impacted your life/what changes have you seen in yourself since starting?
I have lost 5 pounds and 3.5% body fat since June. The mental and physical strength I have gained from Crossfit is unbelievable. I have a new attitude about life and I am much happier all the way around.

In 10 years, I...
will continue to advance in my career, get married and have a family that is healthy, happy and fit

Advice for Newbies:
Don't be intimidated. The trainers and other members of your class are so encouraging and before you know it you will be doing things you didn't think were possible.

Congrats Cindy! Keep up the great work!

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