Monday, October 11, 2010

Purpose: A Shout out to Pili!

I came across this blog post from our friend and affiliate owner, Pilar Grace over at Crossfit Ozone in Georgia. Pilar is a hard-working mother, business owner, and athlete who recently opened her own affiliate. I get really excited when women open their own boxes- it's empowering and makes me give a little "hell yeah! go girl!"  Hats off to you, Pili! 

Her latest blog post is short and sweet, yet timely and poignant. It was featured on the Crossfit main site recently. Here it is:

"So, keeping up with my life on here has gone from fun to hard to guiltifying (new word?) to non-existant. All I can say is that I love my life and the places God is taking me. Opening up my own CrossFit affiliate is a wild ride that doesn’t look like it is going to slow down anytime soon.
In this moment I feel the need to thank God for this gift. It is not just my profession which is being affected. I am finding connections to dreams from childhood (too personal to share here) and dreams for the future of my family. Some things which I long thought were lost to memory are returning full force.
Living a life of purpose and attention has opened a floodgate in me.
It is not easy. Some days I wonder and struggle at why I am doing this.
Today was such a day.
Now, as I sit in the silence of a sleeping house, I see that I am on the path that God has set for me. Every baby step I have taken to get on this path is full of uncertainty. But step out I must and step out I do.
The choices of life are given to us all. We make the decisions that lead us forwards or backwards. There is no standing still. Which way are you going?"

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