Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Time...

For a change. It's time to start taking charge of our food, and thereby taking charge of our lives. It's time to stop blaming big companies for all the crap they are putting in our food. It's time to stop buying the cheapest foods that happen to also be the most toxic. Take charge! Your body will thank you...

If you don't like what a company is doing, DON'T BUY THEIR FOOD! Check out this new documentary, FRESH. It's a sort of follow up to Food Inc. that is, well, reFRESHing :)

We live in a goldmine here in Austin. A goldmine of local farms, tons of Farm to Table restaurants, several organizations that educate people about how to grow their own food, the resources are unbelievable! (I'm working on a list)

You don't have to have a lot of land. Start small with a few tomato plants and some herbs. Gardening does take some practice as well as trial and error. We get a lot of good info and help from The Natural Gardener
They have so much good info about what to plant each month, how to's, and if you go out there, you can dig around and bag your own dirt!

My husband has a term for all of this: De-Evolution. Getting back to the source. Homesteading. Making our own stuff. Bartering. Centering our lives around Community.

Speaking of Community, make sure to check out the Crossfit Central main site over the next few days to see all the offerings for next week's Spring Cleansing Week!

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