Friday, April 23, 2010

Hooverball & BBQ Tonight!

Don't forget about Hooverball and BBQ tonight at Crossfit Central, 6pm!  Bring the family, a yummy side dish, and make sure you purchase a few Raffle tickets for the Polymath Kids Foundation. Here are some of the prizes:

Partial Raffle Prize List:
  • CrossFit Gymnastics PT Session with Coach Jessica Sharrett (handstand push-up, ring dips, ring rows, muscle-ups, kipping pull-up, paralettes, etc.) - Value $100
  • Personal Training Session with Coach Crystal McReynolds - Value $75
  • Kitchen Sweep by Coach Crystal McReynolds with Personalized Grocery Shopping List - Value $125
  • Kettlebell Training Session and 4 weeks of Personalized Home Workouts with Coach Jeremy Thiel - Value $225
  • Goal Setting Meeting and 4 weeks of Personalized Home Workouts with Coach Jeremy Thiel - Value $225
  • CrossFit Endurance Training Package with Coach Carey Kepler - Value $300
  • Kitchen Sweep with Coach Carey Kepler - Value $100
  • Bucket of Beer and Washers Contest with Coach Carey Kepler - Value: Priceless
  • "Be a Bad Ass" one-hour PT session with Coach Carey Kepler - Value $100
  • Goal Setting Session (one and a half hours) with Coach Carey Kepler - Value $150
  • - One free month of Boot Camp with Coach Zachary Thiel - Value $220
  • One free month of Boot Camp with Coach Megan Parsons - Value $220
  • One-hour PT Session for Parent and Child Value $150
  • 8-week Membership in on-line Primal Eating, Modern Table Class with Coaches Crystal Nelson and Lauren Sheehan - Value $399
  • Primal Party for Kids, a party to learn about Primal Foods, to let kids have a hands-on experience cooking Primal food, and to show them that Primal Foods are really tasty too! - Value $250 (**Host must provide food that is needed for the recipes. ($50 or less) )
  • -One free month of CrossFit Kids Program (2 Dyas a Week) - Value $150
    -1 hour Mobility and Injury Prevention Clinic - Value $100 
    -1 Hour Olympic Weightlifting Clinic - Value $100 
    -Big Mike's "Tasty Meals" (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner cooking lesson. ) Value $100
    CrossFit Endurance Personal Training Package - Value 250

See you tonight!

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