Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sanity in 3 minutes

Are you stressed out this week before Christmas? Are you as annoyed as I am with the madness? Here is a little sanity- saver that will instantly calm your entire body.

It is basically a calming breath and you probably do a form of it anyway. Here's what to do:

1. Inhale to a slow count of 4. Exhale to a slow count of 4.

2. Keep the rest of your body relaxed while you focus on your breath.

3. Breath in and out through your nose if possible (this is because your nose actually warms the air to the optimal temperature for your lungs. Interesting, huh?)

4. Really focus on relaxing your facial muscles- forehead, cheeks, especially your jaw (which sets the pace for the rest of your body)

5. Imagine exhaling tension and stress as a gray smoke that is leaving your body. Inhale peace and calm (whatever color you chose)

6. Repeat several times.

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