Friday, July 1, 2011

Benchmark: CrossFit Total

July's Benchmark..... CROSSFIT TOTAL!
What it is?  You have 3 attempts to find your MAX Squat, Press and Deadlift.  
Your Score: is the total of the three lifts.  **For Example Squat: 160lbs, Press: 75lbs Dealdlift, 185lbs, Your Total would be: 420

Read Why Coach Jessica Sharratt loves coaching Women through CrossFit Total
"'CrossFit Total'  for the women's classes. I love when the women's classes do total!!! Why? Because when most women start crossfitting and they see a max or heavy lift on the board they don't like it. They ask me things like, "are we not doing any cardio today?" Or, "I don't want to get big so can I just do lighter weights more reps?" Or they tell me there is no way I can squat that much, press that much or lift that much. 3 months later the magic of crossfit happens and they are loading up the bars and hitting HUGE PR's and laughing, high fiving and encouraging each other and at the end of the class they feel empowered!" 

Ok, let's get down for to the fun... What big #'s are the Ladies of CrossFit Central hitting? Below are just some of the MANY July's PR's! 

Kelly Marco-

"Just wanted to make sure the whole world knew Kelly is bad ass and making her way up to RX for ALL the workouts. Watch out ladies!"-Coach Jen C.

Old PR = 165lbs
New PR = 185 lbs
Back squat - 
Old PR = 155 lbs 
New PR = 165 lbs

Lisa Evans-
"SOOO happy for myself today--had a great class with Crystal and PRd my DL by 20# to 215!!!!!  I also PRd my squat on Monday by 5 to 160.  Hooray for LL. ;)" -Lisa
Old PR=185lbs
New PR= 215lbs

Katie Drilling

I always tease that we should re-name "CrossFit Total" to "Katie" because she ALWAYS blows it out of the water with PR's." -Coach Jess 
Old PR= 255lbs
New PR= 280lbs

Stacy Martyak 
"Stacy has really stepped up her game by coming to class 3x/week, finished the Strength and Beauty program with success and now added personal training with her husband 1x/week. She is dedicated and her workouts prove it! Huge PR's on ALL lifts".- Coach Jess

Back Squat

Old PR= 175lbs
New PR= 195lbs
Old PR= 80lbs
New PR= 90lbs
Old PR= 185lbs
New PR= 200bs

Jessie, Jennifer and Natalie
"I have pleasure of coaching Jessie, Jennifer and Natalie every  MWTh @ 6:45pm. They all have amazing Heart, Attitude, and Work Ethic! They push each others perceived limitations as well as the entire class.  They have really stepped up their game and it hasn't gone unnoticed"- Coach Alex
Jennifer Concannon

Old PR= 185lbs
New PR= 205bs


Old PR= 205lbs
New PR= 225lbs

Old PR= 75lbs
New PR= 85bs

Natalie Douglas

Old PR= 155lbs
New PR= 175bs

Old PR= 225lbs
New PR= 235bs

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