Sunday, July 17, 2011

Habitat Home Build

As you know, we- the Crossfit Central staff and Community- have been involved in the Habitat For Humanity home build for the past few months. Maybe you heard about the fabulous Bake Sale we had last week or seen pictures of some of the coaches hammering or digging post holes.

This Saturday was my first time out to the House to work. I showed up and the task at hand was setting the posts for the fence. Carey was busy filling the holes with cement, along with a guy named Manny who I ended up working with pretty much the rest of the day and learned he is getting a Habitat house in the Fall!

Let me tell you that those few hours I spent out there were some of the hardest, sweatiest hours I've worked in a while. But it was also so completely rewarding for a number of reasons.
1. I got to meet new people. I love meeting new people, and you tend to learn a lot about people while mixing concrete!

2. I got to shoot the $#^t with Carey. I never get to see her, so it was nice to hang out (while mixing concrete) and see what she's been up to- apparently not much except training for some competition... :)

3. I got to see the pride in the future Homeowner's eyes as she sweated right along side of us with paint in her hair. I can't even imagine how excited she is to have a nice, safe, functioning home. 

As I drove home that afternoon, filthy (from you guessed it- mixing concrete!), sunburned, and tired- I was suddenly overcome with Gratitude. Gratitude for my Life, my Family, and the idea of Community. Austin is a very service-oriented community. You know- I Live Here, I Give Here

Digging- for Time!
I hope you will join me, along with the Crossfit Central coaches and staff, next weekend for the final Build Day. Come for an hour, come for the day. We need your help to finish this house. We also need help fundraising the remainder of the money needed to complete the house. Every dollar matters!

If you have any questions or would like to donate time and/or money, please email me at

I'll see you next weekend!

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