Monday, August 16, 2010

Crossfit and Pregnancy

Check out this article from the Crossfit Journal about Crossfitting while pregnant.

courtesy of Crossfit Mom

There is a lot of misconception about exercise and pregnancy. The general rule is that you should (and can) continue whatever exercise routine you were doing prior to pregnancy. This isn't the time to go all out trying to hit some PRs, but the general rule is to listen to your body. And talk with your doctor :)

The Crossfit Mom site has a great Forum where you can ask specific questions as well as see pregnancy specific programming. All those squats, lunges, and general intensity that we do in Crossfit will for sure help you in your labor as well as your recovery afterward.

Ever wonder how Carey's labor went down? Check it out here. If you know her at all, you will get a kick out of this story.

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