Monday, March 29, 2010

Upcoming Events

There is a lot going on this month at Crossfit Central! This week you can sign up for a few upcoming events:

Spartan 300 Challenge to 50 people (indoor clients)....sign up begins Tuesday at noon (tomorrow)

What is the Spartan Challenge?
The Spartan Challenge is a 7 week program that will be highly focused and personlized to get all participants in the best physical shape of their lives. It is open to Men and Women and scaled to ALL levels of fitness. It doesn't matter what your current physical condition is or whether or not you're knowledgeable in health and fitness - This program can meet you where you're at physically. If you're already in great shape you can always be in better shape...this program will rock your world and be a lot of fun. If you're not...guess're going to come out of this a Champion and better because of it!!!

Trojan Challenge to 100 to both indoor and bootcamp clients...sign up begins Tomorrow

Details of the challenge:
The Trojan Challenge will go on during the same 7 weeks of the Spartan 300 Challenge (May 8th-June 26th), but will have different components. Each participant will be assigned a CrossFit Central Relentless Coach that will help keep them accountable and offer guidance with their nutrition and workouts. The workouts will be kettlebell focused, and each participant will get a kettlebell with their registration. On the kick off date, May 8th, you will have your before photo taken and will go through the benchmark workout. The final benchmark workout will be on Saturday, June 26th.

Both Challenges begin on May 8 and run until June 26. Make this your fittest summer ever!

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