Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Primal Eating Modern Table

Our very own Coach Crystal Nelson has partnered with Lauren Sheehan to bring a new 8 week online program to help transition people towards Primal eating. There will be webinars, cooking demos, and grocery shopping help. But most importantly, it is a way to help people (and families!) make this transition without feeling too overwhelmed. They will guide you and give you the tools and support to make these changes towards a more healthy lifestyle for you and your family. As a busy Mom myself, this is just what our family needs!!

I spoke with Crystal about this new venture and this is what she had to say:

Primal Eating Modern Table is the brainchild of Us; Crystal Nelson and Lauren Sheehan. We are both seasoned crossfitters and coaches who have spent the last few years searching for a way of eating that was the best for our own lives as well as our clients'. What we didn't expect through this transition is that in our efforts to eat the most optimal foods for our fitness performance and general health, we realized the true power of food. Eating for performance isn't just for athletics. When we eat the most clean, whole, and unprocessed foods our bodies can function at their best; ALL DAY LONG.

Do you have frequent headaches?Bloating? Digestive problems? Congestion? Heart Burn?Anxiety? Low energy?

We found out very quickly that most of these issues could be solved by simply eating the best FOOD we could find. (for a definition of food see here) We also found out that it is NOT normal to have that energy crash around 2pm every day, or to feel bloated after a meal. These are all signs of inflammation from what's going into your body.

Food isn't just for fun, and it isn't just fuel. It's the key to your ultimate happiness. If you want to really start living your life, bringing your ideas and creativity to the forefront, and create your success you NEED to start to look at the foods you eat and if they are serving you and your goals.

We created Primal Eating Modern Table to help you make this transition with as much support as possible. Between the two of us, we've pretty much gone through it all. We've figured out what the best resources are, we've learned the easiest ways to prepare and cook meals on the go, we've experienced going to social events where there is nothing "primal friendly" to eat... as well as the funny looks and interrogation of friends when you tell them you don't eat dairy or gluten anymore. We've experienced the change in our minds and performance inside the gym, but just as much outside the gym.

Everything we are going to tell you, teach you, and inspire you with is of our own experience and it's from the bottom of our hearts. WE KNOW THAT THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE... and we're excited to be able to share that journey with you.

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