Monday, September 14, 2009

Women's Challenge Part 2

Back at CrossFit Central, Teams geared up for a pretty insane workout. It was:

50 Barbell Power Snatch (45#)
200 Box jumps
175 Ab Mat situps
100 Pullups
125 Duo Deadlifts (95#)
150 Jumping ring dips
100 Duo shoulder press (55#)
400m run


Each team was responsible for loading their own bars, hanging their own rings and bands, and counting reps. 3-2-1-go....and it was on.

Most fun to watch: duo deadlift. When they got a rhythm going, it was really cool to watch.

Most seemingly painful: duo shoulder press. It just looked rough. Especially if the heights were really different.

Nice form, Nichole!

Duo Press Showouts

This Team was my favorite. Mom Merrilee and sisters Mary Kate and Caroline. They kick so much butt every single day and are the most humble ladies you'll ever meet. I hope I can get my mom to do a CrossFit challenge with me one day! Keep inspiring us ladies :)

And a huge congratulations to all the amazing ladies of CrossFit Central who took on this challenge. It was really fun. I can't wait to see what Carey has in store for us next!