Monday, April 11, 2011

Bettys on Boards!

Bettys on Boards was a huge success! We had 29 teams come out for some Stand Up Paddling...Crossfit-style. The workout was:

With your Partner, complete:
100 Medball situps 
100 Medball cleans

Partner A heads down to the shore, gets her SUP Board,
and must perform:
10 Situps

10 Pushups
10 Mountain climbers
10 Overhead Squats

Meanwhile, Partner B is doing:
100 MB Walking lunges with Medball overhead
25 Burpees
Run down the Trail (with Medball) to Deep Eddy and back to Partner A.

After both Parnters completed everything, they both ran up through the UTB area, around the pillar, and back through the Finish Line!

And the winners are...

Congrats Melisa and Jessica!

A huge Thank You to everyone who came out to compete, volunteer, and especially these "Ladies"!
Check out more pics from the Event here and here.

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