Friday, April 13, 2012

The 2012 Bettys On Boards event is finally here!

Arrive @ the event no later that 7:15am for check in
The first heat will begin @ 8am, The 2nd heat will begin @ 8:30am

100 Med Ball Chest Passes 10ft Between Partners (14# Ball)

Partner #1- Heads to the Boards!
Launch on board & weave through 4 RedBull buoys to Congress Bridge
On far side of bridge complete
10 Paddle Overhead Squats
10 Push Ups
10 Paddle Overhead Sit Ups
10 Sprawls to Paddle Overhead
Weave back through buoys to the dock and REPEAT sequence above before getting off your Board

Meanwhile, Partner #2 performs Land WOD
25 Dumbbell Thrusters at 20#
50 MedBall Overhead Lunges
Run to the Congress Bridge and Back
25 Dumbbell Squat Cleans at 20#

Partners will meet at the top of the dock and switch
Partner #1 will do Land WOD, Partner #2 will take on the Boards!

Partners will meet on the land once both have completed both parts for,
50 Med Ball Sit Ups (14# Med Ball)
Run across the Finish Line!!

The Prizes:
Over $2,000 in Bettysport Swag
Haircut & Highlight Services from Bob Salon
2 Thirty Minute Massages from Kate @ Austin Bodyworker
AntiGravity Sessions from Fit to the Core

Check in & spectating will take place at the Lady Bird Lake Trail near 1st Street --> MAP

Everyone should park at or near RunTex on Riverside Drive or or the Lady Bird Lake Trail parking lot on the West side of the 1st Street Bridge

What to bring (Athletes & Spectators):
Bathing Suit
Shoes to workout in but are easy to take off
Banners, Signs, Matching Outfits
Cow Bells
Your loudest cheering voice
Your A Game!


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