Sunday, June 5, 2011

Expectations of Crossfit Women

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Yes we will expect you to move heavy weight quickly. It is part of being able to carry groceries, pick up your kids, play with your kids, do your job and perform the essential functions of life.
No we will NOT listen to your whining. In fact, the more you whine, the more weight, box jumps, burpees, pull-ups, air squats, shoulder presses, we will make you do.
We want you to curse our names. It means we are doing our job.

We don’t care if it hurts as long as you aren’t getting injured. We WANT you to be able to function better and sometimes it requires pushing beyond what you think you can do. We will always ensure that what you are doing is within an allowable and safe range of motion for you. We will always ensure your form is correct. and we will correct you if it’s not.
No we don’t want you to wear gloves. When in real life are you going to stop to put on your gloves before you lift a box, pick up your kids, or move things around? Why would we want you to do that at our gym?

Yes you are going to get dirty, be sweaty, mess up your hair. Hell you may even break a nail. If you don’t, we aren’t trying hard enough. It just means you need to work out harder! We will push you to sweat, maybe even blood and tears.
Yes you will have to look at how you are eating. Why? because why on earth would you want to put CRAP in your system when you are training for PERFORMANCE? That’s like giving your High Performance vehicle Low octane fuel!

Yes you are going to get leaner, faster, stronger, but it is a process. Remember it takes TIME to get results. Try it for AT LEAST 90 days before you make up your mind as to whether it is for you or not. How can you say it’s NOT for you if you only try it ONCE?
NO We will NOT let you do HOURS of cardio on the cardio machines. We don’t need you to. Plus, that will end up making you frail in the long run and let’s face it, “strong people are harder to kill and more useful in general”

Here’s the deal. We expect you to have some questions, concerns, and issues with your new body. It’s not what you’re used to. We don’t use steroids, don’t promote the use of long slow distance as a substitute for hard work. we want your results probably more than you do., We just can’t put the work in. YOU have to do it. we are here to motivate, educate and give you the tools. The rest is up to you. But knowing your body will change, and knowing things will start to fit differently, understand this is a natural part of the process. Understand that sometimes being athletic means your clothes may change “Shape” on your body. What we see is an amazing and beautiful woman. What we see is power, speed, strength all wrapped up into an awesome package. We may notice you are looking more lean, or more powerful or heck, even stronger, but that is our way of noticing you are getting the results you have been after.

We love you for who you are, and who you are becoming. We cherish that you have taken an interest in improving your life, improving your being and making life easier to live. We are excited about the fact that you have chosen this lifestyle. And while you may have issues with your new body, realize those of us out there that look at you and say DAMN that girl is a CrossFitter, we love that and look forward to your continued success.
Go out today, and blaze through a WOD just because you can… and you’re awesome!
Thank you to Tim Bougie for your amazing photos. A true artist!


  1. Beautifully articulated. I love this:

    "we want your results probably more than you do., We just can’t put the work in. YOU have to do it. we are here to motivate, educate and give you the tools. The rest is up to you."

  2. I love this beautiful post! I'm brand new to CrossFit, but every word here I whole-heartedly believe in!

  3. Great post! That says it all! :)